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Holger's Answer to Edward:

No, I hadn't read this blog nor was I even aware if this blog-site's existence. I deeply appreciate your research and all the work you undertook to send it to me as a "word file"! What he says, and I can't recall his name at the moment, is absolutely true and I must admit that he is not one of those I mentioned to you as deceitful. He always struck me as honest and we had quite a bit of correspondence, friendly correspondence, until he mentioned to me, and I can't quite recall exactly what, something about the "Holocaust" and the numerous "revisionist historians" on my website and that he thought me to be a "loose cannon" (this he wrote to one of my co-conspirators :) involved with the "revival" of The Process. I was angry and disappointed, hurt, because he had seemed so intelligent, too intelligent in my estimate, to make such an "ignorant" snotty comment.
Now, I don't need for people to agree with me on this or any other matter, but I do expect more from somebody whom I really liked and respected. And I still do like him, except for his dismissal of my position regarding the holocaust without at least respectful consideration of my research.
But thus is the influence of much propaganda and few facts... And I NEVER would even think of DENYING that something of a holocaust was unleashed upon the Jewish people in Germany.
I only want to "set the record straight" in regards to the amount of victims, of the existence of "gas chambers" for extermination of human beings and to the existence of an extermination plan by Hitler or any other high official in the Nazi hierarchy...
I want this subject tackled with open minded research by historians and politicians instead of making the subject taboo as far as honest research is concerned. And I believe I told him this in just about the same language as I'm telling you about it.

That he chose to make me into a German war survivor with a psychological guilt complex which lead me into "Holocaust DENIAL" is indeed low, but not unusual at all.
I have been attacked on the same grounds by many people with some kind of agenda, be it of a political or philosophical or religious kind.... They all use the same language making me from a "revisionist researcher" into a Holocaust Denier and anti-Semite as well as a Racist Fascist and more.
...Now I don't know if my "Gnostic Childhood" comes across as, I quote:
" He seemed narcissistic and self-pitying (read the autobiographical “A Gnostic Childhood” on the site to grasp my point) and paranoid."
I don't know and hope it is just something that HE makes out of it in order to make me seem like a fanatical fool beset by psychological problems.
...Problems which I transferred into a "hatred" of The Process.
Far from it, what I meant by my statements, and hope it comes through in my little article, is that not the Original Process people, or The Process, are the bad apples with Satanic leanings and murderous "sacrifices" to Satan, but a fringe remnant set loose by The Process schism... after 1974!
I think that this former Processean's articles regarding The Process are simply put: written with extraordinary skill and beauty, catching all the aspects of The Process which had such a strong impact on me when I read their literature in 1973. So I definitely don't harbor a grudge against him as regarding his correspondence with me, holocaust and all :)
No, there were others much more in line with the words I used to describe what occurred and made me into an "enemy" of them...
In one of his articles (not on this web site) he mentions a Father Malachi who featured strongly in our correspondence....
And I believe that Malachi is now a Hypnotist and teaches classes on various occult subjects. I forgot what name he uses now but it was something starting with F.
Well, he had a web site a few years ago and probably still does. And he also wrote some very Satanic, blood curdling, articles on a French web site called Desolation.
I don't know if it is still there...
...Well, this fellow former Processean who was working with me, wrote an e-mail to this web site address which was listed there and it was forwarded automatically to this Hypnotist. We couldn't believe it, but true enough, this guy writing on the Desolation site also used the name "Father Malachai" for his articles...
...Now this Hypnotist had a picture of himself on his web site and comparing it to former Processean, Father Malachai's picture on my web site, it bore a very strong resemblance.

When I brought this up in communication with some of these former Processeans, they emphatically denied it. So I wrote them that I would put both pictures up, together on my web site, for just one day, trying to be nice.... And they all went about crazy!
...But I did this anyways and they again, against all almost foolproof evidence, went into complete and unified denial accusing us of being paranoid and whatever...(same old, same old)
I see on the blog site which you sent me the name of Donna listed, on the right side.... She was one of them... She told me that she was married with children and a school teacher and ridiculed "my suspicious behavior" in regards to our communications with each other.
Oh, believe me, there was a lot going on between us all, accusations and denials abound....
Have you read Maury Terry's book "The Ultimate Evil"? If you haven't you should definitely get a hold of it. It is fascinating and instructive reading, to say the least.... And he too doesn't accuse The Process, but instead relates the Evil he writes about, Berkowitz and others, to a splinter group of Processeans and others.

Well, again, I must thank you for making me aware of this little article and the other material. It's too bad that some people have to be so unfair, even when there is no need for it...
And, Edward, wouldn't you too, if you were born as a "German", want to find out the TRUTH
about something so terrible as the "holocaust" regardless what "established" Historians tell you? Especially when "Revisionist Historians", even if they are "amateurs", are jailed just for voicing their opinion and bringing up questions? ...Like Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Prof. Faurisson and so many others, even the renown historical author of many, many books, David Irving? Do you, Edward, think that this need to find the TRUTH is somehow "psychopathic" and "narcissistic", and uniquely a pathological, German need, sick and disgusting to an "advanced" soul like you?
... If you do, than I must feel sorry for you!
This letter was edited for this page by Holger on 10-22-06


Reproduced on this GLF web-site
Beyond the Dutroux Affair
The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks

A number of Dutch and French language books have appeared
on the Dutroux affair since 1996, with one standing out above the rest.
This is the generally hard-to-get 1999 book 'The X-Dossiers',
written by respected investigative journalists Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck,
Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck. Page after page they explain
how the most important aspects of the whole Dutroux investigation,
in which Dutroux ultimately became a minor detail, were manipulated
and finally discarded. The book presented the most powerful case possible
for a massive cover up. However, there was one thing the authors couldn't do
and that was to publish the names of those who had been accused
by a whole range of witnesses.
The reason is obvious: if the authors would have published these names
they would have been paying damages for the rest of their lives.
A lot of information in this article can be found in the book 'The X-Dossiers',
with the primary difference being that all the names of the alleged abusers
have been included. This has become possible because the Dutroux dossier,
including the testimonies of the X-witnesses, were leaked to a number
of reporters in the late 1990s. Both the final Dutroux dossier, which has largely
been sanitized from any important information, and a summary
of official reports from August 1996 to May-June 1997 have been used
by this author to verify the claims made in a number of books and to find out
the identities of the alleged abusers. Seeing the names and reading
the biographies can be quite a shock initially, but it will also clarify
how a cover up of this magnitude was possible..
Read the very extensive and superbly researched article click on:

Four Pi Movement
This is an outside link

Here Are Some Recent E-Mails as of 4-29-07:
From : Robert ........ <>
Sent : Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:14 PM
To :
Subject : the process

From : Robert ........<>
Sent : Thursday, April 12, 2007 12:16 PM
To : "Holger W. Haffke" <>
Subject : RE: the process
Hi, i can give you my opinions on The Process. I'm sorry if former members treated you rudely in the past. Part of the problem is : The Process wants nothing to do with Maury Terry. I mentioned this to what is apparently Robert Degrimston or his representative...he said " Robert was listed in the nyc phone book all during this time...and not once did Maury Terry call to ask any, how can anyone say he was hiding from anyone. " That might have been your problem there. Also, as a Gnostic believer, i'm assuming you have no direct connection to the OTO, etc. The Process might have figured you wouldn't go for their "satanic" rituals. Another big problem is that the "killer cult" isn't in all likely hood directly related to The original might have made them mad! I can't remember the time frame you mentioned discussing this with them...i can put you in touch with a former member of the chicago chapter who is, from what i can tell, a very down to earth person. I don't know anything about the utah group...i'm very shocked to hear they treated you you may know, Mary Ann died just recently. Over the years, many people have claimed to be The Process, so you probably did meet with some satanic individuals...i know you did....every group will have some "nutters" You did the right thing by not meeting them if you felt scared by them..."satan's power" is a more accurate portrayal of The Process than, The Ultimate Evil was. i would appreciate any information you might have on Genesis P-orridge, i can't get much response from him!! anyway..................go to Myspace.......The Process Church, this is the church of satan along with several other people trying to restart the process......i expressed my desire to cut any ties with the i would just join the CoS if that was what i wanted.......awesome website you did!! this group is a hodge -podge of people and more of a "social -get-together" in my opinion......make a myspace account and email the Bro. John or whomever he is //////you'll notice he is willing to talk and pretty much avoids the CoS think they are desperate. The process will talk to you......but i would not identify myself, nor would i mention any conspiracy stories.....they hear it all the time.

From : Robert ........ <>
Sent : Friday, April 27, 2007 5:40 PM
To :
Subject : are you ok
are you ok, i would say the process does not like you =] and i'm a big fan of psychic tv and is possible that sleazy likes me as i chat him up some. I mentioned you to the process on myspace. I regularly curse out genesis p-orridge and now the process. Sleazy [ of coil] may enjoy this! during one famous curse out session i accussed genesis of being head of the thule society and the nwo. Now he has owls all over his art probably is a joke........i had been regularly speaking with them about maury terry. we [ me anyway ] were going to make a movie with story.......i guess the process on myspace is genesis? both lost power in the new york storm...even tho the process is in london...guess not. anyway, just wanted to check in with you and let you know thee new psychic tv album is out may 18. and coil has done some more reissues.......also, don't forget about the huge animal sacrifice on april there or be square!!

From: "Madalyn" <>
Subject: The Process..
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 14:17:57 -0700
I have visited your website and believe I am/or have been on a similar quest. I too, have been in search of The Process for quite sometime. They are "rebuilding..", as you know..... for quite sometime now. I was wondering if you have discovered any new information on how to contact them? I have inquired all over the place, to no avail. If they are re-forming, somebody must know something? The only "positive" response I have received stated, "perhaps when the time is right, they'll find you." If you have found any current contact information for them, I would appreciate it if you might share it with me.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Hi Madalyn,
thank you for your inquiry about The Process. Unfortunately I can not be of much help to you since I have not dealt with any Process related matters for quite some time. My experiences with people who claimed to have been former members have been quite discouraging to say the least. Much disinformation and paranoia as well as secrecy have lead me to believe that there is definitely something "unholy" going on with The Process. What I mean is, that there seems to be an underground Satanic circuit made up of some former Processeans and other elements, who don't want to bring attention to the former Process under any circumstances. This, of course, also has to do with the "Animal Sanctuary" in Utah which harbors the original group who caused the schism in 1974 under the leadership of DeGrimston's former wife Mary Anne. They are supposedly doing a remarkable job with homeless animals and apparently make a fortune in donations and don't want to see the re-birth of The Process under any circumstances. Since their operation deals with millions, you can easily understand their reluctance to have The Process re-appear. But there is also another angle, as I understand it, which deals with "bigger and better things", like what is described in the book "The Ultimate Evil." My reason for coming to this conclusion is based on what I dealt with over the internet relating to such a desperate effort from some former Processeans to mislead, lie and deceive anybody interested in a re-birth of The Process. For all I know, you too (sorry for thinking the possibility) could be one of "them" who want to find out what is going on with the attempt to re-organize. You see, I hope, what I mean in regards to paranoia and distrust. When I started out with this project I had no idea where it would lead and no suspicion at all about the truth as speculated by Maury Terry the author of "The Ultimate Evil." Well, I was naive....And now I know better. Something is definitely wrong with the people of the former Process. Some are of course innocent and know very little, but there is an element of them whom I wouldn't trust at all, to say the least. So, any advice I can give you is to just forget about them as something which started out beautiful but turned ugly eventually, very ugly indeed. P. Orrige (don't know if I spelled his name right) has much of former Process material in his group or cult. I can't remember their name...but if you "google" his name you'll find more material on it.
Sorry to disappoint you,

From: "Belial" <>
Subject: Re: The Process Church
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 19:37:45 GMT
Watch out for the Process E-lists, there are lots of people that do not want that group starting up again.
Abolish "Mad Cow Disease".... Ban Dr. Laura!

Thank you, "Belial," I know about THAT from my own experience. I have come to conclude that any effort to re-start the Process is hopeless. Have dealt with a lot of liars and weird people and have come to the conclusion that the Process still exists...only under different local groupings and names. They seem to be in bed with some renegade intelligence groups and Illuminati spooks to do their bidding in regards to causing chaos and despair and hopelessness as well as in child abductions-porn and "Finders" kind of stuff. Naturally they are underground satanists and don't want the old Process back in the spotlight. Maury Terry in his "Ultimate Evil" is quite right and on the right track but seems to have given up or what have you. I wished I could find his address (e-mail) to correspond with but have not been able to find him. Had some correspondence with somebody who seemed to have access to him and who was dedicated to "expose" the Animal Sanctuary" in Utah....but he too dropped "out of sight" all of a sudden. E-mail comes back and no more listings on google etc. Maybe he too was one of the underground Processean spooks trying to find out what I knew, who knows?
Now, let me come to something which makes me very sad and concerned...Your falling into the realm of "hard-core" satanism! Why would you do such shit? You must know by now that I really like you from the way you write and think...and I have been there and know from dealing with the Process people that you are going where angels fear to tread!!! Please, heed my warning and stay clear of evil as a solution to the problems of material existence. Of course evil rules, but that means that the evils of humanity, of mankind, are part of an inferior creation which was produced, so to speak, by renegade angels...archons (remember the name) and what have you. The god Yahweh is nothing but Satan... el shaddai as you must know from your Jewish heritage. So what you are thinking is the other side of the coin is actually the same old same old. Goodness, compassion and mercy will not get you anywhere here on earth because this earth was created by the same evil archons and fallen entities whom you think would bring about a new world or the abyss of annihilation. So you are being deceived by thinking that chaos, evil, mayhem and human and animal sacrifices would be right and useful to destroy this earth and the material realm forever....But I strongly believe that you are making a dreadful and perhaps irrevocable mistake in that assumption. By worshipping Satan you are worshipping El Shaddai...Yahweh-Jehovah the "god" of the Old Testament the Torah. The Gnostic belief in that regard is quite clear and when the "Christians" adopted the Torah as their basis Christianity became perverted and evil. Certainly you won't get anywhere here on this evil planet worshipping compassion, mercy, forgiveness and yes, Love, but it is the only path which leads to Gnosis and transcension. Well, dear Archonis, I didn't mean to rant or put your beliefs down...far from it as I too have, at least intellectually, traveled your road and KNOW what your reasons are. But since I really and truly like you and feel a strong bond with you, I just had to tell you what I thought and warn you about the dangers ahead of you unless you change course. I am now almost 65 years old and a total failure in the eyes of the world and sometimes even in my own eyes and I have experienced and seen a lot of "mystical" things. Thus my warning to you is not coming from any sense of imagined superiority or missionary delusion, but is simply a genuine concern for a fellow traveler on the path. Stay with Light and Love, compassion and mercy, please, and forget Satanism and Chaos Magick as they are a ruse of Lord of this Earth and are meant to wrap you even more in the chains of slavery, the very slavery you think you are escaping by embracing this deceitful "gospel" of darkness. I was so happy when you wrote that you were on the path of Buddhism which is very close to Gnosis. What happened?
Your friend,

Dear Mr.T,
thank you for sharing your deep insight! Indeed, I'm so happy to have come into contact with you, as I agree with everything in your letter except your understanding of "Christian Science". Please understand, that there is a deep abyss between New Thought and Christian Science. In your assessment of New Thought you are absolutely correct in my opinion. But Christian Science is a whole different "ball game". And I'm, of course, not talking about the Christian Science Church and it's "churchianity," but about the deeper teachings as presented by Arthur Corey in his class instructions...and other literature available from such places as The Bookmark. These books are banned by the church organization who is utterly and completely under the control of the Rothschild New World Order. The pure teachings of CS are comparable to the highest teachings of Vedanta as taught by Vivekananda. Please do read the articles on my web site under Christian Science and Vedanta. I see it in the light of Supreme Wisdom or Gnosis because it metaphysically transcends the cruder Gnosticism of the lowest level of their dualistic teachings and explains so clearly to us "Western Christians" of European ancestry the facts relating to the illusion of material perception and thus LIFE. We are "fallen" spiritual beings....who have not literally fallen but have succumbed to a material mind-set. And we must, in order to liberate ourselves (as no one can do it for us) from this form of "programming" by attaining Knowledge, Wisdom, Gnosis. In order to make this possible, I use various forms of shocking articles (which are true in my opinion) on my web site to cause SPIRITUAL CHAOS and thus an AWAKENING to the "evils" of this world in all its sordid aspects...And hopefully showing the futility in attempting to fight the New World Order Chaos with SPIRITUAL fire, and thus, hopefully, leading open minded people to search for a "higher" path than the materialistic, revolutionary path of any political "ism." I believe strongly that this fight with the New World Order Kabbalists and Occultists has to be first and foremost SPIRITUAL, starting in each individual being before anything else could or should be done.... Believing that duality...good and evil, does not exist beyond the dualistic concept of the "reality" of materialistic existence, of life in this dimension and the lower fourth dimension, I see in the "higher" teachings of Christian Science and Vedanta the only hope for Liberation. True Gnostics are not necessarily enlightened. In fact, most are on a quest to change the world, the material world I should say without having attained balance within themselves and are thus easily drawn into the "evils" of different extreme political and religious philosophies. See Hitler, Lenin, Roosevelt, Pol Pot, Mao, well, you get my drift.... They are all born, true Gnostics alright, but have failed so miserably because of having been bound to the material realm by their own Spiritual ignorance. See also DeGrimston and his creation the Process Church. He has insight but not enough of it... too much too soon....He was very successful in drawing people to his philosophy through his charisma and vision. But he hadn't attained GNOSIS! His articles and writings are fascinating as his concept of the Unification of Opposites comes near the realm of Truth....but, unfortunately, he remained there instead of taking the jump, the Spiritual jump into true Gnosis, which would mean: the understanding of the illusion of matter as solid and workable... And like you so insightfully stated in your last letter, "one has to continue to find usefulness in him because of his critiques as opposed to anything positive he might put forward." And the same with Evola and the "Conservative Revolution."
Your comrade,

On 6/7/06, Holger W. Haffke <> wrote:
Hi Mr.T,
unfortunately I know nothing about the three people suicide you mentioned. Evola is a hard nut to crack though and I find it interesting that you found a transformation in your own life through his writings. I don't particularly like him because I can't really tune in to his philosophy. It is to esoteric and to elitist in my opinion. But that is neither here nor there...He is indeed a man of superior intellect and perhaps I'm to much of a "bleeding heart" to appreciate his cold logic. You seem to be somewhat touched by suicidal pre-occupation? The Process material is also so negative. Please be careful and don't take DeGrimston's writings to seriously. Of course you know that it's all metaphorical, the positive and negative, the yin and the yang, the gods and the devil etc.? Many have taken his material to literally and ended up in Satanism and chaos magick. Not good at all!!!! It's fascinating all right, but it's a dangerous flirtation which all to often ends in slavery and death. If you want to travel the "royal road" to spiritual liberation, I would strongly suggest that you read and study Arthur Corey's "Christian Science Class Instructions". Really and truly it is the Supreme Knowledge made understandable and workable. Forget "Christian Science" and pre conceived ideas about it. Anyhow, I'm glad you are an open minded and interested soul and am always ready to communicate and exchange ideas with you.
Best wishes,

From : T McKinney
Sent : Thursday, February 5, 2004 10:36 PM
To : "Holger W. Haffke" <>
Subject : Re: The Process Church
Interesting about Bainbridge! No, I didn't know that. I wholeheartedly agree with you about his ....................... I also agree with most of your NWO views. I knew so little when I started this and now nothing surprises me. I also tend to think that several intelligence agencies have recruited megalomaniacs and perhaps taught them how to create Manchurian Candidates. It sounds so paranoid, I hate to even mention it, and usually don’t. Only when one understands the workings of the Illuminati/NWO/elitists/Royals, and their agenda, can there be even a remote chance of understanding what these people are about.
About me ... I’m a retired small-business owner. About a year ago a dear friend spent time at the sanctuary and came back with horror stories. I started looking into some of these allegations and who these people really were. Having owned businesses a red flag went up when I looked at some of the public records and found businesses that board members/founders owned, said to be non-profit, that in fact were for-profit and funded by a not-for-profit organization receiving millions in donations. These for-profits are also receiving millions in grants from who other than The Jewish Foundation, Software billionaire David Duffield, the entertainment industry and other questionable people. To me it looks like a money-laundering front.
So I decided to visit Best Friends, took their bus tour, mandatory for anyone wanting to see the sanctuary, and stayed for awhile. I began putting things together, talking to the experts and somehow ended up with an unwavering determination to expose them for who they really are. I’m an animal lover and something that really bothered me were the articles that talked about animal mutilations and sacrifices.
Everyone I met there has been influenced by mind-control and are punished if they say anything negative. These are employees, not cult members! They have to portray it as “Heaven on Earth”, so visitors leave euphoric and committed to supporting them. They are so good at it!!
The compound I mentioned can’t be seen from the sanctuary. Recently, they constructed a wall along the road so no one can even walk to where they can see it. Interestingly, it’s a county road and no permit was ever applied for. It looks strange because there’s seemingly no reason for it and it keeps travelers from seeing a great view of the desert. They say they’re not a religious group any more but, according to a witness, the compound has a stained glass window of “Fire and Brimstone.” And inside is a round altar and ritual symbols and items. No reporter has ever been allowed in and rumor is that they have enough weapons stored there and in caves to help start a helter-skelter.
There’s not one black person working at the sanctuary. The staff of 250 +- have moved to the small town of Kanab, population 3500, given up their homes, friends and families to help animals and live at the only heaven on earth. Before anyone is hired, they spend 2 weeks there to see if they like it and if they are “suited” for the job. During that 2 weeks I believe they weed out the ones that aren’t easily controlled. The ones that are hired soon find out that something is terribly wrong, but they are now stuck and have no options. It doesn’t take long for them to become complacent and follow the rules no matter how controlled they are. If one gets out of line and complains or tries to talk to another staff member about something negative, they are punished by taking away the job they know and the animals they have come to love and put them in a job they hate. They are constantly asked if they are happy, what they like to do and what they don’t like to do. Once they show that they will behave, they are often given their job back. In some cases, employees that really need money are cutback on their hours and usually not returned to full-time with benefits. Others see what happens if they aren’t always positive and soon learn.
Well, I could go on for hours, but I’ll save it for another time.
Thanks for everything, T.P.
BTW ... I heard that they consider both you and me as “a thorn in their sides” and as causing them a lot of problems. Cool, huh?!
A comment from Holger:
The "Bainbridge" reference in the letter is to the author of a sociological study of "The Process" written by William Sims Bainbridge who was an assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington at the time when he analyzed and wrote about "The Process" but calling them by a different name in his book. To me his interest in The Process seems to be more than just a sociological study and he still seems to be a link to some Processeans out there. I have written him and hoped for some real information but he seemed very reluctant to reveal anything of substance. It is my conviction that The Process came under the control and "guidance" of the CIA or another "government spy-agency" either while they were still in England or when they began to attract a lot of converts and followers here in the United States. To me it appears obvious that they were involved in mind-control experiments and were also used as "shock-troops" to create chaos and fear, just like Manson and his "family" was along with "The Founders" in Washington DC and the Jim Jones cult in California and Guyana. Since Bainbridge also studied and wrote about the "Children of God" who later became "The Family," it seems to me that he had more than one "iron in the fire" and functioned as a link to whoever it was and still is, that uses these observations in cultist mind-control behavior to learn from them how to control the masses. Do I need to make myself any clearer? The usefulness of "Religion" as a tool to manipulate and control the masses has been known and used since the early days of mankind's existence. So why should it surprise anyone living in these days of the Luciferian New World Order? Nothing is surprising here and everything possible.

There is no doubt that I still have strong sympathies for The Process. Is it not a Gnostic's dream, intelligent, artsy and rebellious people who in it's early stages created a "Church" for outsiders just like me? How could I not be attracted to them? But, alas, as in almost all human organizations, the power hungry, crafty manipulators who have neither scruples nor honor pervert it into something of their own desire. And this seems to be the problem with most "Gnostics," as they are too naive and honest for their own good and thus end up in something as deceptive and corrupt as The Process eventually became. There is a website which carries an article by a Father Malachi called "The Process is...." which is simply sublime reading to a Gnostic outsider like myself. This seems to be the same "Father Malachi" who wrote some horrendous stuff on the before mentioned French website which I can no longer find on the internet. What a disparity between these two articles! Just like The Process itself coming across in such a tempting and appealing way on one hand and having spawned such utterly Satanic malevolence shown by its various splinter-cults. What seems to me quite obvious though is that the style and word construct seem to be coming from Genesis P-Orridge who has incorporated much Process thought and material into his "Thee Psychic Temple of Youth." Nevertheless, even though these people, undoubtedly born Gnostics, talk so eloquently of freedom and liberation, I believe that they are neither free nor liberated but have knowingly or unknowingly surrendered to the yoke of Satan. One only needs to go through their various websites to be convinced of this fact. They speak so freely of love, "love under will" (as Crowley put it), but it is sex which they seek and exploit. These people are so brilliant and gifted and yet they have wasted their very being in servitude to the adversary of man and Christ. Gnostics are never Satanists nor Occultists. Gnostics, and I mean Christian Gnostics worship the spark of the true God in every being and want nothing more than to uplift mankind towards their spiritual inheritance. Satanist hate mankind and want nothing more than bring mankind down to the lowest level possible to mock and destroy the divine spirit within. True Gnostics will never strive after power over others or after earthly possessions. Liberation from these very temptations is the Gnostic's goal and hope. Yes, Gnostics are outsiders, heretics and rebels to the established Satanical order of this world in the same sense as Jesus Christ was, but they would never surrender knowingly to evil. And that should say it all.
Here is an article about the "Animal Sanctuary" from the Rocky Mountain News which seems like a wonderful public relations piece contrived by "Michael Mountain" who is heir to a British TV fortune:
Friends find their calling
By Lou Kilzer, Rocky Mountain News February 28, 2004

One of the world's most admired animal sanctuaries has a skeleton tucked deep in its closet - one with a history worthy of its own miniseries. The Best Friends Animal Society runs the nation's largest "no-kill" shelter in Utah and raised $19.9 million last year alone. But more than three decades ago, its key founders formed a movement that was accused - falsely, they say - of being a satanic cult. Best Friends President Michael Mountain, 57, says The Process, Church of the Final Judgment, was just a group of young people searching for spiritual truth in the crazy atmosphere of the late 1960s and early '70s. Satan was one of four entities they studied - the others were Lucifer, Jehovah and Christ - says Mountain. Satan was more a metaphor for a human personality trait than a god to be worshipped, he says. Though several of the founders have stayed together all these years, they long ago gave up their purple robes in favor of leading the charge to save American pets from destruction, Mountain says.
All the same, Mountain was not overjoyed when asked about a series of corporate records that link Best Friends to the 1967 incorporation of The Process in the French Quarter of New Orleans. If he had it to do over again, Mountain says, he would have let The Process dissolve and incorporated Best Friends as a new nonprofit with no links to the church. With 250 staff members and 250,000 contributors, the pre-eminent "no-kill" advocate does not need any religious bones kicking around. No longer known as Father John, Father Aaron, Mother Ophelia and the like, many of the founders live modestly near the small town of Kanab, Utah. Mountain, who has a daughter in Denver, is divorced and lives at the sanctuary, making about $30,000 a year from the proceeds of a private business that sells Best Friends merchandise. Gone are the days when members interviewed mass murderer Charles Manson in jail for the "death" issue of their magazine. There's no more talk about doomsday right around the corner. No more screeds about "Satan on War." "A lot of it was really rather juvenile," says John Fripp aka Christopher Fripp aka Father John. Now, instead of begging for handouts in London, New York or New Orleans, Best Friends founders are as likely to attend a Hollywood fund-raiser graced by Ron Howard, Drew Barrymore, Robin Williams or Bill Maher. A book available for $15 on one of the group's Web pages professes to be a complete history.

It's called Best Friends - The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary. It recounts how a ragtag group of animal lovers turned a canyon where the Lone Ranger was filmed into a vacation magnet for like-minded people willing to devote time to abandoned cats, dogs and rabbits. The Process Church is never mentioned. Mountain says that was the author's choice, not an attempt to keep it quiet. Mountain readily acknowledges the group's history when asked about it, and he seems almost anxious to give it the proper spin. After meeting with a reporter, he called together the shelter's staff to disclose the founders' history. He says he's even considering a book that would chronicle the wacky days of this group of educated and mostly British young people whose adventures included moving to the Yucatan, surviving a hurricane, then donning capes in Louisiana, California, New York and Boston. It is a tale of enduring friendship, growth and a search for their real goal, Mountain says, a goal they found amid 33,000 stunning red acres in southern Utah. Headed for a hurricane It began in the 1960s when people were dropping out and turning on. Michael Mountain, born Hugh Mountain, was part heir to Great Britain's largest television empire when he dropped out of Oxford at age 17 to begin navigating the vast smorgasbord of counterculture offerings then available.
Disinherited for his vagabond ways, Mountain says he met a group of other young seekers of life's truths. "We would go around and visit all of the different religious and astrological groups," Mountain says. He even attended sessions of the Flat Earth Society. Little was off-limits. Mountain was most taken, however, by a group organized by Robert Degrimston and his wife, Mary Ann, who had both dabbled in various movements, including Scientology. It was not, in the beginning, religious, he says. "These days, it would be considered a kind of cheap, out-of-date pop psychology," explains Mountain. William Bainbridge, who is now deputy director of Information and Intelligent Systems at the National Science Foundation, joined the group in the early 1970s to study it. He chronicled the group in a 1978 book, Satan's Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult. Although little of the group's beliefs were set in stone, Degrimston believed human nature took on aspects of four deities: Lucifer, Satan, Jehovah and Christ. Bainbridge says at times Christ was considered the synthesis of the other three. Whatever the beliefs, the group bonded.
In June 1966, members headed to the Bahamas on the first leg of a journey to seek utopia. Three months later, they were scouring Mexico's Yucatan peninsula for the right place. They found what they were looking for at a Mayan ruin named Xtul. Nearby was a huge abandoned salt factory that the group thought could be an ideal home. Mountain headed to a nearby village, and, in halting Spanish, telephoned the property owner. "He said, 'I dreamt that you were coming last night. You can have it for a dollar a month,' " Mountain says. "So if there was any time when we felt that there was probably something mystical there, that was probably it." The church was born. Villagers told them Xtul meant either "little rabbit" or "the end." The group's doomsday world view began to take shape, says Mountain. The feeling would deepen when monster Hurricane Inez bore down on the Yucatan in September 1966 and residents were urged to evacuate. Some left, but a core group stayed. "The idea that we would abandon Xtul was out of the question," says Mountain. If the storm meant the end, so be it. Members of what was by then called The Process sought shelter behind a wall at one end of the building. The wall at the other end collapsed. If they had sought refuge there, "we would have all been gone," Mountain says. Inez took an estimated 1,000 lives. The idea that they had witnessed something fundamental set in. After helping to rebuild some of the neighboring villages, the group took off to spread their message.

In late 1967, they found their way to the French Quarter in New Orleans. There, things went from somewhat odd to outright bonkers. A caped crusader The group decided to incorporate as a nonprofit to handle finances. Mountain says a rotund former lawyer for the Catholic Church was intrigued by the group and drew up the necessary papers. Mountain showed up at his home one Sunday morning. "I'm greeted by a completely naked lady," Mountain recalls. "And she says, 'Oh, come on in.' So there he is, an extremely large person, in bed with this cluster of equally naked ladies around, and he leaps up naked and says, 'Here are your articles of incorporation. Your church is complete.' " And so formally began The Process, Church of the Final Judgment. Mountain winces when he is reminded of the language in the papers repeatedly stating that the group's mission is to conduct "spiritual and occult research." The papers declare: "The latter days are upon us for even now the Lord Christ is in the world and gods walk amongst men and there are signs and wonders foretold in prophecy in preparation for the final judgment of man." Mountain says the lawyer supplied most of the words, but the group didn't particularly care in those days. "We were not trying to be sensible at that point in time." Mountain was 21. "I was dressed in white with a purple cape with a white dog in one hand and a black dog in the other - a German shepherd." He showed up at Louisiana State University with a message about the end of the world. Students told him to come back Tuesday. "And when I got back there, there was this giant banner over the gate to the university, saying 'Caped crusader visits.' "This was wonderful fun. It was nutty." He gave a speech, the contents of which he forgot long ago, to a packed auditorium.
The satanic part of it all is a bad rap, he says. No one prayed to Satan. Degrimston, now a business consultant in New York, declined to be interviewed. However, Mountain says the core philosophy was that Christ was the unifying element of mankind. "In theological terms, as he explained it, the ultimate reconciliation of opposites would be a reconciliation between Christ and Satan. Christ said, 'Love your enemies.' In the end, even the most negative, the most evil can be redeemed with the power of love." Bainbridge, who taught at Wellesley College and Harvard University before joining the National Science Foundation, agrees that the group didn't pray to Satan, who to the group bore little resemblance to the Satan of the Bible anyway. The four deities, he says, were mostly symbolic, with God as "the totality of all four." The group had trouble gaining traction, no matter how outrageous they acted. Mountain chalks this up to their philosophy of abstinence from sex and drugs - not overly popular notions in the 1960s. At its height, membership ranged from 50 to 100, Mountain says. Naturally, the group was drawn to California, where members produced magazines on fear, sex, love and death. It was while doing the death issue that the group stumbled. "Charles Manson had been in prison for about a year, and somebody had the bright idea that we would go in and interview Charles Manson," says Mountain. "We thought it would help sell the magazine. We didn't have much money. "It was a mistake." There was another reason for the visit to Manson: They thought it would put to rest rumors of their connection to him. Instead, it only stoked them.

John Fripp, who was one of the two Process members who visited Manson, says simply: "We were naïve." Linked to Charles Manson In 1971, a book on the Manson family's role in the 1969 Tate-LaBianca slayings speculated on Manson's possible connection to the Process Church. The book created a sensation and gave the Process Church a permanent place in occult lore. Mountain and others were in Britain at the time, and when they returned to the United States, Mountain went to see a Chicago lawyer. Members really didn't want to sue, but they didn't want to be called murderers, either. The lawyer was blunt: "If you do not sue," Mountain says he told them, "you will be stuck with this for the rest of your lives." They sued. The publisher apologized, recalled the books and issued subsequent editions without the offending chapter. But the toothpaste was out of the tube. And with the birth of the Internet, the legend has only grown.
Mountain says The Process essentially stopped operating in the 1970s, and many members began to go separate ways. Then Robert and Mary Ann Degrimston split up. Mountain says members who left Robert Degrimston felt he was becoming too authoritarian and structured in his beliefs. Degrimston went to the Northeast to try to keep The Process alive. It didn't work. Some members of the remaining group, first known as The Foundation - Church of the Millennium, eventually gravitated to a ranch in Arizona. Gone was all talk about the occult, but the religious part was still going strong. The incorporation papers said the church "has been called into existence by God to be made known to all men that the Latter Days are upon us, and there are signs and wonders foretold in prophecy in preparation for the coming of the Messiah and the entry into the Millennium." Group members kept their religious names, having abandoned all or part of their given names. Bainbridge says the group began concentrating on one God, rather than one with four personalities. And the group discovered its mission. Some members had been animal advocates for years, and German shepherds had been associated with them since they first left London in 1966.
Mary Ann Degrimston, for one, had been active in the anti-vivisectionist movement. Although members had worked in a variety of charities for humans, they came to realize that love of animals was one thing they all shared. "Mahatma Gandhi had a saying," recalls Mountain: " 'A society can be judged by the way it treats its old people, its young people and its animals.' " The group, renamed The Foundation Faith of God, began taking in strays and unwanted pets, but soon found its Arizona property too small. Members went prospecting, researching coastal California and even visiting an island for sale off Honduras. One day in 1982, a group founder, Francis Battista, was driving through southern Utah and happened to visit Kanab Canyon - the backdrop of several Western movies. Battista fell in love. Other members soon visited and agreed: This was the spot. They sold the Arizona ranch, and, in 1984, used proceeds from the down payment on the purchase of 2,269 acres in the canyon. The group would acquire additional land and lease some 30,000 more acres from the Bureau of Land Management.

Soon, The Foundation gave the acreage a new name: Angel Canyon. Founder Paul Eckhoff, an architect, designed one of the first buildings - a large home outside the sanctuary. First planned as a retreat, it has become home to Mary Ann Degrimston and her new husband, founder Gabriel DePeyer. Located by a pond, the Lake House has become a local legend, rumored to be a religious site. But it is only a home, says Mountain. A movement takes off Members began building the sanctuary on a razor-thin budget raised through various cottage industries and monthly payments from the purchaser of the Arizona ranch. They began taking in unwanted pets, first from the Kanab area, then from around the state and region. By 1991, the founders were swamped with animals and faced a crisis: The purchaser of the Arizona ranch had gone bankrupt and his monthly payments dried up. "We were way in over our heads," Mountain says. "We didn't have the staff, the resources, the money to have the number of animals that were coming in." A call went out to former members, who were by then spread across the nation. Many came to help. Cyrus and Anne Mejia, who were running a clown ministry for children in hospitals, left for Utah from their home in Golden. The problem wasn't complicated. The group needed money, and getting it seemed to require a certain amount of begging, which the group called "tabling."
They would go to Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, set up tables outside supermarkets and pass out brochures about the sanctuary. People began to fall in love with the idea of the sanctuary and soon the group could barely keep track of its donors. By 1993, Best Friends Animals Sanctuary was incorporated as a nonprofit. All religious language was removed from corporate papers. The group now includes practicing Christians, Jews and Buddhists. Tax records show Best Friends took in $1.17 million in contributions in 1993. And the money kept coming. In 1994, $1.8 million flowed in. The next year it was $2.7 million. In recent years, donations have grown by about $2 million to $3 million every year. Today, about 250 full-time staff members work around the country, and one - the editor of Best Friends Magazine - works from London. Last year, 4,054 volunteers worked for Best Friends in Kanab and the nationwide volunteer network numbered more than 11,000. There are full-time vets, spay and neuter programs in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, and plans for programs in 10 cities. Best Friends' 2002 tax returns show it spent $10.9 million on program services, including $6 million for animal care, $1.9 million for its magazine, brochures and Internet services, and $2.9 million for outreach programs. Another $2 million went to raise funds. Still, Best Friends had a $5 million surplus. The sanctuary is now built out - including modern structures with such names as WildCats Village, The Triple "R" Rabbit Retreat and Dogtown Heights, "a gated community." There is even a pet cemetery. The animals pretty much have the run of the place, moving at will from indoors to large outside pens. During an interview with Mountain, a cat named Butch jumped on a reporter's scribbled notes. No one made a move to remove him.

The sanctuary houses about 1,500 animals, with no plans to go much higher. Instead, Best Friends will fund efforts to build such no-kill programs elsewhere. In 2002, Best Friends took in 736 dogs and placed 633 in private homes. For cats, the number taken in was 558 and the number placed was 517. Only six of the 21 rabbits found new homes. No More Homeless Pets in Utah - a Best Friends venture with Maddie's Fund, a pet rescue foundation - is spaying and neutering thousands of Utah pets and helping to find homes for thousands more. Best Friends Network handles some 24,000 calls and e-mails a year requesting pet and animal help. In fact, Best Friends' reach has grown so far that it renamed itself again as Best Friends Animal Society, reflecting that it is not a mere sanctuary anymore. The 'no-kill' mission Can no-kill zones work, or are they just the dreams of some crazy folks who have stuck together for more than 30 years? "The big old organizations with whom we work quite closely now, in the early days said this can't be done," says Mountain. But it can, he insists, pointing to the sharp decline in animals killed in shelters - from 17 million in 1987 to 5 million today. "We have taken on a job that the humane movement should have been doing years ago," he says. Best Friends, he says, has "become something of a flagship for this whole movement."
To keep the flag flying, Mountain says he needs to define Best Friends' past as well as its future - The Process church and all. He now says he wants not only to help write a book about the affair, but to put it all on a Web page, warts and all. Mountain says he hopes the openness might dispel rumors that a few conspiracy theorists continue to spread. One person has been contacting Best Friends partners with tales of the group's checkered past, says Best Friends communications director Bonney Brown. One charge is that the group was and may still be a cult - a word even Bainbridge uses to describe The Process. Mountain doesn't agree. "The definition of cult is something that follows a single charismatic leader telling everybody what to do, and that never happened with this. It's just the opposite," Mountain says. "We looked into many cults and found them all to be, frankly, ridiculous." With the past behind them, Mountain says, Best Friends has a bright future. The $5 million surplus is good for only half a year of operating expense, he says. But it is an indication that more might be around the corner. Says Mountain: "There is even talk of building an endowment." or 303-892-2644

Watch this YouTube video with excerpts from Stanley Kubrick's
Masterpiece "Eyes Wide Shut." At 2:23 time of the video please notice the heavy wooden doors with
what looks very much like embossed Process Church symbol below.

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  4. It sounds like Michael Mountain doesn't know he was in a cult.
    According to Love Sex Fear Death by Tim Wyllie, Michael is really Hugh Mountain, and according to another source, Michael is Hugh Bernstein, disinherited by his father, founder of Granada TV, because his father likely did know.
    Maybe that inheritance had something to do with Process Church pretending to stop being a cult.
    Anyone who has conversed with a Best Friend acolyte is well aware that BF people are cult-like. It was obvious to many prior to knowing their background as The Process Church of the Final Judgment.
    Try to tell a BF follower that rescued pit bulls are literally eating people, and they will blankly, Stepfordishly, begin the game of pit bull bingo.
    Ledy VanKavage, lobbyist for pits/best friends, recently blamed the death of 18 month old Daxton Borchardt on the possibility that Daxton may have been crying.
    Who wouldn't cry as a pit bull ate their face?
    Did crying provoke the dog? If so, Ledy thinks that's reasonable.
    The ultimate evil is accurate when referring to this group.

  5. If a "society can be judged on how it treats it's children, old people, and animals" then American society is judged to be lacking. As Process Church claims, "humanity is the devil."
    Our children and old people are having body parts torn off daily by rescue pit bulls which in turn are daily killing one another in fight rings throughout the country.
    There is the easiest solution in the world to prevent this, but instead of mandatory spay and neuter of pit bulls, Best Friends enables dogfighters and traffic's pits across state lines. Not only that, they convince the saintly angel rescue crew to do the trafficking for free.